Ari Berzenjie

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I strive to develop agile organizations that evaluate and execute new business models which swiftly cater to people's needs and desires. At least, that’s what gets me up in the morning ✌🏼 My journey in business development and SAAS truly began after working at Eplan in the US, where I honed my skills in market analysis and business planning. This experience played a crucial role in the repositioning of EPlan to become profitable in the American market, which has since become one of its most prosperous regions. After struggling to find a specific sneaker in-store after seeing it online; I realized there had to be a better way to shop offline. So I set out to change the game, leave the corporate world and founded BLVRD. Our goal is to create the most convenient customer experience possible in local shopping. I am an advocate for combining OKR and Scrum methodologies empowering teams to derive meaningful objectives and metrics, fostering a culture of skill-driven decision-making and open communication. I have led diverse teams across multiple departments, including UX, marketing, sales, back office, and software development, and have cultivated transparent and iterative work environments. All resulting in highly motivated teams and a track record of growth in sales and product related metrics like customer retention, conversion rates and more

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