Corporate Meetup 2021: Impact

How can we transform towards sustainable business practices more rapidly? And what are the scopes of this transformation?

Wednesday night we kicked off our first virtual Corporate Meetup in 2021. This event was all about #Impact. Our guest Maria Heidemann from Kosmogrün shared her experiences as an eco-consultant and innovation manager, working with communities and companies. 

The event included an insightful conversation about the potentials and hurdles of sustainable developments with partners and corporations like NordLB, Sparkasse, Pelikan und Igepa Group. While we all know, that there is an urgent need for change towards sustainable practices – internally and externally of a company, regulations are highly needed to catalyze the shift towards an economy, that aligns with the planet's boundaries and improves the chances for eco-friendly options to scale up and survive on the market. Again, startups have proved, that sustainable solutions can be qualitative, user-friendly, and sexy at the same time. Also, startups contributed a great deal in raising awareness for the problems and impacts of the market, which they entered with their products.

Thanks to everyone who joined the event! We are looking forward to the next meetup in March!