Meet the Teams of Batch10!

Meet the teams of the Hafven Impact Accelerator's Batch10!

Two weeks ago, we met the new teams of the Hafven Impact Accelerator's Batch10! Today, we’d like to introduce you to them:

The Impact3D Team - Ekta, Sinziana & Adrian (not present)

-> Hey there, we’re Ekta and Sinzi from Impact3D. Our mission is to minimize waste and maximize impact. And you might be asking yourself „Okay, so what does Impact3D do?". We are a One-Stop Platform for the design, prototyping and manufacturing of products. And we try to do this in a sustainable way through 3D printing and recycled filament.

The BrALI Team - Carina, Vanessa & Marie

-> Hi, we are Carina, Vanessa and Marie and together we are BrALI. More and more teams are now working together remotely, i.e. on their laptops, and this offers many opportunities but also challenges. BrALI's workation specialists are designing your next team retreat or team offsite. Tailored, amongst nature & sustainable. Thereby, we accompany remote and hybrid working teams into the new work environment and bring them out in nature and into the projects. BrALI brings you together and closer for long lasting results!

The heyparents Team - Stephanie & Karolin

-> Hey, we are Stephie and Karo from heyparents and we digitize family friendliness. Family friendliness doesn't just start with re-entry, but already during pregnancy. And we make sure that companies and employees are optimally accompanied on this journey with innovative impulses, discussion guidelines and everything a manager needs to properly support an expectant parent on this journey and to stay in touch during parental leave. This not only increases employee loyalty of parents, but also planning security on the employer side and also self-efficacy for the parents.

The Mission to Marsh Team - Ann Christin & Alexander

-> Hi, we are Anni and Alex, and we are Mission to Marsh. Wetlands such as marshes, swamps and peatlands are not only habitat to 40% of the species worldwide, they also save twice as much CO2 as all the forests combined. But just like forests, they are being destroyed in order to grow livestock or for agricultural purposes. Our goal is to protect the planet, and we consider the most significant potential in restoring wetlands worldwide. To actively support global projects, we will use our scientific and marketing network and enable climate activists and environmentalists to support the restoration of their local wetlands.

We're looking forward to supporting the startups on their mission to create a better future for people and the planet. Our 5-months program provides mentoring and coaching tailored for the startups needs, a broad network of corporates and experts, unlimited access to all Hafven spaces as well as the digital innovation community and more. To us, innovation and entrepreneurship are key drivers for positive change.

Are you interested in our startups as a corporate or investor, or would you like to participate in our program? Visit us at Hafven Impact Accelerator.