Here we go – the 2nd batch of the Smart City Hub just started!

We are happy to announce the next four start-ups of the second batch of the independent Hafven Accelerator Smart City Hub.

We proudly welcome finealyze, InkDrop, Homevoice and Relaxii to the intergalactic Hafven Community. We´re looking forward to start the next six month with you godspeed, good ideas, fun and power to you all!


we fine|alyze industrial manufacturing: link control data to performance measures -- face your challenges efficiently to ensure highest possible process quality and gain deep insights to reveal hidden potential.


The next generation of social media, made possible through the blockchain & cryptocurrency. InkDrop is a haven for communities to form freely, communicate in private and have valuable interactions.


The web-based Software-as-a-Service product Homevoice, creates the necessary transparency over the landlord‘s real estate in order to reduce the complexity of administration to a minimum. The one who benefit from that are property managers, landlords, their tenants and the service providers around the property.


Relaxii upgrades the sonic ambience and quality of spaces with dynamically driven nature audio, noise-masking sound fields and music — so that people feel more inspired, relaxed and productive.

Hafven Smart City Hub is the independent accelerator for all startups that put people at the heart of smart solutions. Join us, and for six month we provide you with a unique and innovative ecosystem and a program built around your individual needs.

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