Meet the Teams of Batch9!

As the new batch started in April, we would like to introduce you to the founding teams of the impact startups of batch 9.

Find out who they are and what drives them:


The TrainHab Team - Tim, Sophie, and Luca

"Hi, we are Sophie, Tim, and Luca and we are TrainHab. As an orthopedic specialist, I (Tim) noticed in the daily routine of clinics that patients continue to have problems in rehabilitation for a long time after surgeries. Therefore, TrainHab was founded. Besides addressing the issue of ineffective rehabilitation concepts, we aim to use our digital platform to counteract the shortage of specialists and financial pressure in rehab clinics."


The BeSure Team - Eva, Fenja, and Caro

"We are Caro, Fenja, and Eva and we are the BeSure team. We would like to bring transparency to the cosmetics industry. Our belief is that there are enough skin care products, it is just difficult to find the right one for you and that's why we compare all skin care products that are available in Germany. In our developed app, on the one side care products are decoded and on the other side the skin problems. Then, the app matches skin problems with suitable cosmetic products."


The VOLTA¡C Team - Mona and Jasmin

"Hi, we are VOLTA¡C! We want to improve the world by approaching transformation in a unique way, utilizing the cultural and creative industry. We offer apprenticeships to make the craft of solar industry hip again and train people to become proficient in solar installation and electrotechnical work. Let's just do it differently. With joy. Now."


The Beolum Team - Jo and Sebastian (not present)

"We are Jo and Sebastian from the Beolum GmbH. The huge piles of garbage that are emerging all over the world are also created from e-waste to a large extent. We founded Beolum because we want to change the lighting industry and use more sustainable materials in our products."

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Photo credits: Dario Leydolph