Meet the teams of Batch 8!

As the new batch started by the beginning of May, we would like to introduce to you our participating impact startups of batch 8.

Find out who they are and what drives them by watching their #Erstkontakt on Youtube.


“We develop and build reasonably sized, sustainable, and affordable houses for living, working, and community purposes. In addition, we provide the digital infrastructure to enable resource-saving living concepts through shared use, in response to rising rents and the major impacts, that the construction industry imposes on the environment.”The founding team works on modular building concepts, that allow all components to be reassembled and recycled, following circular economy principles.


“Our goal is to contribute to a sustainable energy- and utility industry. By digitizing building measurement technology and consumption processes, we create a bundled solution for administrations and landlords.“ With their service, metiundo enables the reporting of CO2 footprints as well as prompt and correct billing for tenants - involving self-sufficient electricity and e-charging solutions.


“MARCLEY brings tenants, landlords, and energy providers together, through their digital platform and service, to provide access to solar systems on urban properties.“ We are happy to introduce the first startup from our new batch of the @Hafven Impact Accelerator: the founders Florian Schnipkoweit, and Florian Schulte enable the shift to solar-powered energy for apartment buildings in urban areas and bridge the gap between all stakeholders involved, to drive the transition to solar-powered energy.


“Our goal is to measurably protect the climate by digitizing and optimizing heating systems. The use of our service reduces heating costs and CO2 by making the heat production of properties understandable and transparent.”The startup combines the use of its own hardware and software to measure and identify disruptive factors in heating systems, to optimize them for maximum efficiency.


“We provide an innovative solution for emission-free power generation in urban areas, by developing vertical wind turbines (VAWT).“To meet climate targets and promote resilience, expanding urban populations require renewable energy sources without an increase in infrastructure investments. By developing an innovative vertical wind turbine (VAWT) for households, businesses as well as public institutions in urban areas, Njordvind makes emission-free power generation possible throughout the entire year.

We support startups on their mission to create a better future for people and the planet. Our 5-months program provides mentoring and coaching tailored for the startups needs, a broad network of corporates and experts, unlimited access to all Hafven spaces as well as the digital innovation community and more. To us, innovation and entrepreneurship are key drivers for positive change.

Are you interested in our startups as a corporate or investor, or would you like to participate in our program? Visit us at Hafven Impact Accelerator.